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Title: Breakfast at Ianto's
Rating: teen
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: None
Prompt: Jantolution Challenge #10: Fluff with optional Ewok
Word count: 996
Author's note: Click here if you want info about laverbread, which is what Jack is cooking in this story.
Disclaimer: I still don't own these characters.
Summary: Jack cooks a surprise breakfast for Ianto

It was nearly 6am according to the clock by Ianto’s bed. A good time to start making breakfast, Jack decided. Knowing Ianto tended to sleep soundly around dawn, Jack had a good chance of sneaking out of bed without disturbing him, not an easy feat given that Ianto had an arm tightly wrapped around him. Carefully, he lifted and repositioned the arm. Ianto whimpered slightly, then continued to sleep. Jack dressed quickly and tiptoed from the room.

It was cold and wet outdoors but he didn’t need to be there long, just long enough to remove the breakfast ingredients he’d put in the SUV last night when Ianto wasn’t looking: the laver (which he’d purchased at a stall in Cardiff Market already prepared), rolled oats, some bacon -- just the things he needed to make laverbread.

* * *

Ianto was running from a snarling creature that had been eluding capture all day. It was closing in on him. His heart was pounding as he willed his legs to move faster. He was defenseless, out of bullets. The scene changed and suddenly he was on a very familiar street he hadn’t seen in years. He knew if he could just reach the house at the end of the street and get inside he’d be safe from the creature. The monster was closing in on him. He’d only make it if the door was unlocked. He tried the handle and pushed the door open. Whew! He locked the door behind him, safe now.

He walked through the familiar hallway and was immediately greeted by his grandmother. “Oh, there you are. Breakfast is ready!” she announced, wiping her hands on her apron. Strange how she didn’t seem to notice he was no longer a little boy, but no matter; she walked with him into the eat-in kitchen and he sat in his usual chair. She put a cup of tea in front of him. It all smelled great: bacon, eggs, and laverbread as only his grandmother could cook it. There was a sudden loud clanging noise and Ianto jumped.

And then he realized he wasn’t in his grandmother’s kitchen, he was actually in bed, in his flat. But oddly enough, he could still smell his grandmother’s breakfast cooking. Still sleepy, he got out of bed, pulled on an old t-shirt and headed to the kitchen to investigate.

* * *

Jack was feeling rather proud of himself. The bacon was done, the laverbread cakes mixed and now sizzling in the pan. He grinned as he saw Ianto standing in the doorway looking adorable in an oversized vintage Star Wars shirt with a faded picture of an Ewok on it. Ianto’s hair was sticking up at odd angles and he was blinking as if still trying to wake up.

“I must still be asleep,” Ianto said, “because I’m having the strangest dream. I’m dreaming you’re in my kitchen cooking bacon and laverbread.”

“It’s not a dream,” Jack said.

Ianto’s eyes widened. Jack’s idea of cooking was to phone for takeaway, or even better, have Ianto make the phone call.

“Well then, I’d better make some coffee,” Ianto decided. “Then I can figure out who stole Jack and replaced him with a Jack look-alike who can cook.”

“I can cook!” Jack protested, raising his eyebrows.

Ianto merely shook his head as he started the coffee. He tried not to notice what a mess Jack had made in his kitchen. It all smelled so good, though. He smiled as he watched Jack put a plate out for him, fill it with food, and place it on the kitchen table, just as his grandmother had done in his dream. His grandmother. Ianto suddenly made the connection. A few weeks ago they’d gone out for breakfast. While looking over the menu, Ianto had mentioned he hadn’t eaten laverbread in years -- not since his grandmother had died. Ianto suddenly, absurdly, found himself blinking back tears. He made sure Jack didn’t see.

Quickly recovering his composure, Ianto sat down at the table and Jack joined him. Jack had only taken coffee for himself. “Aren’t you going to eat?” Ianto asked.

“I snacked while I was cooking,” Jack said, sipping his coffee.

Ianto shrugged and dug into his breakfast. “It’s good.” he announced.

“As good as your grandmother’s laverbread?”

Ianto took Jack’s hand. “Only my grandmother can make her special laverbread. But Jack’s Laverbread is pretty good.”

Jack beamed with pride. He swiped a slice of bacon from Ianto’s plate and watched happily as his lover enjoyed his breakfast.

After he was done eating, Ianto brought his plate and the mugs to the sink. The kitchen was such a mess! He quickly set about bringing bowls and pans to the sink. Jack came up behind him as he started on the dishes, running his warm hands up beneath the Ewok t-shirt, stroking Ianto’s back, then working his way around to Ianto’s belly.

“Can’t the dishes wait?” Jack breathed into Ianto’s ear.

“This won’t take long.” Ianto tried to ignore Jack’s advances as he continued washing up. As he poured more dish soap onto his sponge, though, he had a sudden realization. He put the sponge down, turned off the faucet and quickly dried his hands. He turned around to face Jack.

“You don’t like laverbread.”

“No, not much,” Jack admitted. Over a century in Wales and he’d never developed a taste for it.

“So…you cooked all of this…” Ianto paused, struggling for words.

“Just for you,” Jack finished. “A taste of home.”

Ianto kissed Jack tenderly. “I’m always at home when I’m with you.” He hugged Jack tightly. “Thank you for breakfast.”

“My pleasure,” Jack answered. “And speaking of pleasure…” He grinned, groping his lover, who was conveniently wearing nothing below the waist.

Ianto grinned in return, and kissed Jack again, more deeply this time. The dishes would just have to wait -- he had far more important things to do.

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