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This is the first of at least two posts (probably more) about Dragon*con. This post is devoted to the three Torchwood panels Gareth David-Lloyd was on. :-)

I only took notes during the saturday panel, which I ran to after watching the Dragon*con parade. I was too far back to get even remotely decent pictures so I took detailed notes instead, though I couldn't write as fast as they were talking. Some are exact quotes, many are paraphrases. But here's what I've got. If you don't want to read the text you can scroll down to the picspam!

Big room (room holds 1750 people) On stage: Anthony Lewis (who played "Tommy" in 2.03, "To the Last Man), Gareth David-Lloyd, and James Marsters

Q: What's it like to kiss John Barrowman?
JM: It's not that sexy to do love scenes. I'm not a porn star. It's acting.
GDL: Unlikes James, I am a porn star. And I tend to forget I'm acting. (LOL!!!)
AL: I got to snog Naoko! :-)

Q: Will we see any more of John Hart?
JM: They tell me nothing. (He hopes so.)

Then there was some sort of anecdote about how the actor who played Jack's psychotic brother is a newbie to acting and tried to take things very seriously. And there he was stuck acting with JM and JB who clown around like crazy. JB demands that you have fun!

Q: (something about what what it like to be on Doctor Who?)
GDL: They filmed over four days...different crew than on Torchwood

Q: (trying to get info about casting for series 3 and beyond)
GDL: More than 2 possibilities but whther they're actually new Torchwood characters, that's up to us to find out.

GDL: (asked about his success/fame) It was overwhelming at first. He thanked us for our support and is pleased that we're entertained.

Question about scripts - how do they react to them when they see them?
JM: Am I excited as I turn the pages?
GDL: Do I have lots of lines?
AL: Does it "come off the page?"
JM: A good script doesn't necessarily make a good movie
GDL: Agrees - it needs a good director
JM: Three important factors: how it's written, shot, and edited

Question about gags on the set: (and I'm not really understanding what I wrote down.) Maybe if I watch some of the youtube vids it'll make more sense and I can fill that stuff in. It was funny at the time!

Favorite colors:
AL: blue
GDL: black
JM: green

Favorite swear words:
JM: fuck, idiot
GDL: fanny nugget (is that really what he said? :) That's what I wrote down?!)

Q: in KKBB, when Captain John suggests an orgy and Ianto considers it for a second, was that scripted?
GDL: No. That was his ad-lib. :-) (yay!!)

Q: What musicals would you like to be in?

JM: Musicals after 1975. Would love to do Jesus Christ Superstar
GDL: Prefers early musicals (definitely pre-19975) Wants to portray ambiguous characters.
AL: Like's Andrew Lloyd Weber stuff. Complains his girlfriend made him see Mamma Mia three times!
GDL: complains about Mamma Mia (alas, he is such a straight boy!)

GDL: says Torchwood series three is not going to be made more child-friendly. (huge applause!) Still "sexy and bloody"!
GDL: No "captain sandwich" in series three but he can't say for the future. (we can hope!)
JM: Interjects something about Ianto needing to work on trust. (LOL)

Q: about GDL's role in Adam
GDL: It's fun to play the villain - there's a dark side in everyone - could be a serial killer deep in Ianto's psyche

Q: re: themes of homosexuality
JM: In Buffy there was the first teenage same-sex kiss. JM says he is a subversive. Then says "Please get me on this show as much as you can. There are so few shows where you can be a subversive." (JM, I love you!)
GDL: Same sex relationships on Torchwood are not an issue. People are gay. Get over it.

Q: Favorite episode of Torchwood
GDL: Cyberwoman (to act); Countrycide and Fragments, to watch

JM would like to read a "George W. Bush is a bad president" audio book! JM, I love you!

Q: About set injuries:
JM gets hurt a lot. Told a touching story about how JB took really good care of him after he was injured on the set.

Q: Is Ianto fluent in Welsh?
GDL: He probably just knows a little - mostly swear words. (Much like GDL). Welsh really wasn't taught much until recently. With the Welsh Assembly coming in, things are changing in Wales.
JM: Don't mess with Wales!

Some funny anecdote about JM and GDL out having fun and peeing on the courthouse in Newport! (LOL)

Q: Ideal role?
JM: A disillusioned starship captain
GDL: Macbeth! He'd like to do both a stage and film version
AL: James Bond!

Q: Were you uncomfortable filming That Scene (the one in Adrift!)
GDL: John makes you feel comfortable if you're nervous
JM: something about John being the "most sensitive maniac" he's ever met. (LOL)

Q: someone must have asked GDL to do an impromptu rap song
GDL: attempts to rap about coffee (ok, you had to be there...)

Q: about fanfic
GDL: reads it from time to time
JM: tries to stay off the internet because it's "like heroin" :)

Q: regarding negative posts on the internet
GDL: had read some harsh stuff about Ianto and Torchwood (*shudder*)

Q: Favorite character on Buffy?
JM: Other than Spike? :-) Giles! yay!!!

Q: something about portraying love ??
JM: Loves JB. More about JB helping him when he was injured.
GDL: "Into the lift, Eye Candy!" So sexy! :-)

And that's it for my weird notes on the saturday panel. I hope at least some of it made sense.

And now, onto the picspam!

friday's panel
Anthony Lewis, Carol (the Brittrack director) and Gareth David-Lloyd

friday's panel again
AL, Carol, GDL, and someone else from Brittrack

More from friday!
Still more adorable-ness!

Love the hands!


Still more...

saturday's panel
My only post-worthy pic from saturday's panel. Anthony Lewis, GDL, James Marsters. *sigh*

GDL up close
Squee! The pic I took when I got his autograph. :-)
The first of a few sunday panel pics

sunday again
Also on sunday

GDL drinking something
Look! An action photo!

One last pic from sunday.
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