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Title: Reality Check
Rating: NC-17 (for cliché filled sex scene, sorry!)
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Prompts: Clichés, plus James Bond and mythical creatures
Warnings: Clichés till the cows come home. (Fandom, TW canon, thematic, and storytelling clichés…)
Summary: An emotionally shaken Ianto turns to Jack for comfort.
Author’s notes: Thank you to [ profile] gracewillow for a quick beta-read. Story was written for Jantolution Challenge #17

Tosh, Owen, and Gwen had been sent home early today. Now Ianto was exactly where Jack wanted him – on Jack’s desk, naked, his legs open and ready for action. The room wasn’t especially warm, but Ianto’s body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat, desire evident in his eyes.

“Fuck me, please, Jack!” Ianto begged as he reached out to stroke Jack’s cock, so hard, so ready for action.

Jack chuckled as he reached for the lube. He pushed one finger into his partner and grinned. Oh yes, Ianto wanted this desperately – he was so open. Jack slid in easily.

“Oh god, yes! So good!” Ianto gripped his partner tightly, wrapping his legs around Jack to pull him in farther. They were both sweating now, Jack thrusting slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed as Ianto encouraged him further, digging his fingernails into his lover’s back. Jack held out as long as he could, enjoying Ianto’s cries of pleasure, until finally he couldn’t contain himself any longer. They both climaxed simultaneously, crying out each other’s names as they did so.

After reluctantly pulling out, Jack held Ianto close. Slowly their breathing returned to normal. Ianto stroked Jack’s hair, then looked his lover in the eyes.

“I love you, cariad,” Ianto said.

Jack’s eyes clouded over, and Ianto winced as he saw the pain evident in his lover’s eyes. He knew Jack was struggling with the knowledge that he would outlive Ianto, just as he outlived everyone he ever loved. Ianto was almost sorry he’d said those words, but they were the truth. If only there was a way to take away Jack’s pain. For now, the best he could do was distract Jack, and what better way than with more sex?

“I’d really like to fuck you, Jack,” Ianto said, his voice low and seductive.

“Oh really?!” Jack perked up instantly.

“Are you ready for more?” Ianto reached for Jack, feeling his lover harden with the slightest touch. Of course Jack was ready for more—the Harkness libido was legendary, after all. And Ianto had no trouble keeping up with him.

But as Ianto reached for the lube, he suddenly found himself looking at a computer screen full of highlighted words, and a slender, manicured finger reached out and hit the “delete” key. Immediately Jack disappeared, the room vanished, and Ianto screamed…

And he found himself alone, at home, in his bed. He’d had that horrible dream again! The dream in which nothing in his life was real: Torchwood, Jack, his entire life existed solely in the imagination of a female writer who could rewrite or delete them at her whim.

There was no way he could go back to sleep right away. Ianto reached for the book at his bedside table: an Ian Fleming novel. He attempted to read a few pages but couldn’t concentrate. James Bond reminded him of Jack, and right now he needed the real Jack, not a fictional dashing hero. Ianto glanced at the clock. Nearly 5am. He wasn’t going to get any more sleep tonight so he might as well go into work. He was sure he’d find Jack there.

After a quick shower and a shave, Ianto chose his outfit for the day: maroon shirt, grey tie, black Armani suit. It was important to look his best at all times, especially for Jack.

It was silent in Cardiff Bay as Ianto walked from his flat to the Hub in the darkness, only the occasional sea gull’s cry echoing through the cold, moist air. The rain was definitely real, not the figment of someone else’s imagination. He liked the rain.

Ianto let himself in through the Visitor Centre entrance, then headed down into the Hub. (As soon as he was indoors, he was completely dry despite the rain, his suit impeccable.) He smiled as Myfanwy circled overhead, calling out to him. The pterodactyl was definitely real, a genuine prehistoric bird, not a mythical creature such as a unicorn or a fire-breathing dragon. Though he wouldn’t be at all surprised to see either of those come through the rift. In his line of work anything was possible, he mused, as he searched the Hub for Jack.

He found Jack in a predictable location: in his office, slumped over his desk. Slight rhythmic snoring told him Jack was asleep. So much for Jack’s claim that he never slept! With a small grin, Ianto turned to leave the room, stopping only to straighten out a pile of papers slightly askew at the edge of the desk. He was at the doorway when he heard Jack’s voice.

“Ianto? What are you doing here so early?”

“I’m sorry Jack. I didn’t mean to disturb your sleep,”

“I wasn’t sleeping,” Jack objected. “I was just resting.”

Ianto rolled his eyes. He wasn’t going to argue. “Would you like some coffee, sir?”

Jack smiled. “I’d love some coffee.”

Once again Ianto was on his way out of the room when he heard Jack say “Wait.”

Jack stood and walked over to him. He placed a hand on Ianto’s arm.

“No, really, why are you here at 5am?” Jack’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Bad dreams again?”

Ianto nodded.

“Would you like to talk about them?”

“Not really.”

Jack looked at his lover for a moment. “I guess it’s inevitable…work at Torchwood long enough and you’re going to have nightmares.” He embraced Ianto tightly.

Ianto hugged him back. So real, Jack was definitely real. He felt Jack’s lips on his forehead, a gentle, soothing kiss, exactly what Ianto needed. He smiled, feeling totally reassured and completely loved.

“I’m now going to make you the best coffee in all of Wales!” he proclaimed. Jack was right behind him as he headed to the kitchen to work his coffee magic. Despite the bad dream, today was off to a very good start.

*The End*
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