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Title: Scrabble
Rating: G
Characters: Missy, Osgood
Spoilers: Major spoilers for the episode "Death in Heaven". If you haven't seen the episode yet, do not read this!
Word Count: 326
Summary: Even a one-sentence summary would be a spoiler.

Osgood blinked. She was lying on a carpet looking up at florescent lights. Pulling herself up to a seated position, she could see a couch, a coffee table, and a few upholstered chairs with arms. It looked like a doctor’s waiting room, or really any nice office waiting room. But she had no idea how she’d gotten here. The last thing she remembered was that awful Missy telling her she had less than a minute to live.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” Great, just great. She didn’t know how she’d gotten here, but that was clearly Missy’s annoying voice. She blinked again and saw Missy sitting on the couch she’d swear had been unoccupied seconds ago.

“How...” Osgood started.

“You thought I killed you?” Missy laughed. “Actually I did. We’re both dead.”

Osgood felt her pulse rising and scrambled to her feet, fists clenched. “If we’re both dead, how are we carrying on this conversation?”

Missy just smiled. “We were pulverized. Dust. But did you really think I would invent a weapon without providing an escape-mechanism in the unlikely event it was used against me? So here we are. But not here. Not really anywhere. Pixels, hovering in storage between life and death.”

“So how do we get out?” Osgood demanded, hands on her hips.

“All in good time. You’re a smart young woman. Behave yourself and you will be returned to the living when the time is right. In the for a game of scrabble?” Missy pulled a scrabble set from out of nowhere and set it on the coffee table.

I’m definitely dead, Osgood though. I’ve died and gone to hell. She looked around the room, scanning for doors, windows, anything.

“I can assure you there’s no way out.”

Right. Okay. Osgood pulled up a chair across from Missy. “I have to warn you I am quite good at scrabble,” she said.

“Oh, I’m counting on it,” Missy answered with a smile.
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